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Beijing CISRI-GAONA Materials & Technology Co., Ltd.(GAONA) is a main producer of superalloy and high purity metals in China. Based on 60-year-history working on superalloy, GAONA’s products cover Nickel-based, Cobalt-based, and new generation superalloy, which are processed by vacuum induction melting, vacuum arc melting, wrought, investment casting, powder metallurgy, oriented directional solidification, and single crystal making. GAONA provides customers with components and materials. Selection and solution of superalloy are also provided by our material engineers. GAONA’s product and service enjoy an obvious market share and reputation domestically.


Predecessor of GAONA was Superalloy Department of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI). GAONA’s 600 staff has contributed hundreds patents and rewards for recent decades.


This web site focuses on Cobalt-based alloys only. Nickel based alloys, other specialty alloys and metals also available upon request. 


Cobalt-based alloys exhibit excellent wear, heat, and corrosion resistance. GAONA’s alloys are used in aerospace, aviation, power generation, oil & gas, automotive, textile and chemical industries. Co-Cr-W-C alloys and Co-Cr-Mo-C alloys prove satisfied mechanical properties and physical characteristics in extreme environments against high temperature, wear, corrosion, and erosion.


GAONA Cobalt-based alloys are manufactured by our metallurgy experts and experienced team, as well as state-of-the-art fabrication facilities including VIDP furnace of ALD Germany, VIM furnace of Consarc USA, and vacuum arc furnace. Efficient quality control and inspection system ensure that GAONA Cobalt-based alloys meet strict industry standard in the world. 

GAONA Cobalt-based alloy, a reliable brand in China, will become active in world superalloy market.