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  • Alloy HRC Chemical composition Typical applications Reference
        GNS 4 45-50 Co-Cr32-W14-C0.9 heat extrusion die Stellite 4
        GNS 6B 36-45 Co-Cr29-W5-C1.2 steam turbine blade shields, engine valves, HTHP valves  Stellite 6B
        GNS 6K 40-48 Co-Cr29-W5-C1.6 cutting knives in chemical, food and paper-making inductry. Stellite 6K
        GNS 12 45-50 Co-Cr29-W9-C1.5 HTHP valves, saw tips Stellite 12
        GNS 21 25-35 Co-Cr27-Mo6-C0.25 joint prosthesis, turbine blades, various liquid valves, hot stamping dies. Stellite 21ASTM-75
        GNS 25 15-45 Co-Cr20-W15-Ni10-C0.1 heart stents, hot stamping dies. Stellite25
        GNS 31 28-35 Co-Cr26-W8-Ni11-C0.5 gas turbine blades Stellite 14Stellite31
        GNS 35 Co-Cr30-W8-Ni10-C0.75 centrifugal parts of fiber glass industry
        GNS 706 36-45 Co-Cr30-Mo5-C1.2 engine valves, HTHP valves. Stellite 706
        GNS 712 45-50 Co-Cr29-Mo9-C2.0 HTHP valves, scrow rods. Stellite 712
    Notes:  HTHP = High temperature high pressure